Danielle Smith Recruits Fred Phelps For Wildrose Cabinet

Wildrose leader Danielle Smith and Pastor Fred Phelps

Alberta Wildrose leader, Danielle Smith, poses for a publicity shot with Pastor Fred Phelps of the Westboro Baptist Church. Phelps has agreed to help with the campaign on the last few days before the election

Danielle Smith and the Wildrose Party shocked Albertans yet again by recruiting the infamous hate-speech specialist, Fred Phelps, Pastor of the  Westboro Baptist Church. It’s hard to say what the strategy is in recruiting a man who is bat-shit crazy, but maybe the Wildrose figures it will balance out the invocation of Jesus a few days earlier.

It is also probable that there is a connection between Pastor Phelps and Wildrose candidate, Pastor Allan Hunsperger, who has written that homosexuals “will suffer the rest of eternity in a lake of fire, hell, a place of eternal suffering.”

Fred Phelps Pickets for the Wild Rose

Phelps supporting the Wildrose in Edmonton

Danielle Smith didn’t want to talk about whether the two knew each other before Phelps was recruited, but she did not deny it.  When asked about the sudden recruitment, Smith stated that Phelps was on board as a party supporter a long time ago and that his personal beliefs have nothing to do with what will be legislated if the Wildrose wins the election.  “We are worried about energy, health care and the well-being of Albertans. Fred, Al and the rest of the party are not focusing on moral issues.”

Smith failed to respond to questions about Phelps’ controversial background and refused to divulge if she agreed with the signs that appear in the Wildrose promotional photograph.”Let’s talk about issues that matter.  This is just media smear. We’re not interested in those that smear and hate for no reason.”

One topic that did seem to matter to Smith was Jesus. When asked where Jesus was at the moment, Smith smiled and held her bosom. “He’s in here.  He’s everywhere.”

She may be correct, but there have been rumours that J.C. has been in contact with the Conservative Party, and that there is a possibility of Him crossing the floor. At the moment, they are just rumours, but Smith didn’t like hearing them: “I want to make something clear,” she said. “Jesus Christ is a member of the Wildrose party. So watch your mouths. Or you’ll get what’s coming to you.”

Those were the last words that we heard from Smith today, and it’s no wonder that she’s upset. If the Conservative Party is able to lure Jesus to their side, they stand to take a clear majority.

As of this publication, Jesus is still listed, along with Phelps, on the Wildrose’s revision of the Alberta Government Website.

Wildrose Party Cabinet with Jesus and Fred Phelps

It appears that Phelps will be taking over the position of Human Services and Government House Leader. Is a Phelps-Jesus combination the winning hand? Can Smith hold the confidence of Jesus? We’ll just have to wait and see on April twenty three.This one's a real lemon

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