Jason Russell Responds to Arrest

Jason Russell, co-founder of the charity Invisible Children, has final broken his silence after being detained by police due to a public mental breakdown.  The recent TMZ youtube clip revealed to the public that Mr. Russell isn’t doing so well after his new found fame. Russell spoke to the media and wanted to make one thing crystal clear: his mental breakdown had nothing to do with the Kony 2012 campaign, which he vows is still on. The truth of the matter, according to his account, is that he was kidnapped, bound and drugged by none other than presidential candidate, Rick Santorum.

Jason Russell Meltdown Arrested

The photo above was allegedly leaked by a San Diego police officer who confiscated Santorum's cell phone. Jason Russell claims that Santorum was laughing maniacally and taking pictures throughout the abduction.

Russell explained that Santorum had called him a few days before the alleged abduction, stating that he would be in San Diego for one night and that he would like to meet such a charitable, fine gentlemen.  Although Russell admits he’s not a Santorum supporter, he thought the political connection might help Invisible Children.  It was only a short time after Russell entered Santorum’s limo that things went terribly wrong.  Before he could even shake Santorum’s hand, he felt something wet pressed over his nose and mouth. He blacked out moments later.  Minutes or possibly hours later, he was awakened by urine being splashed in his face.  Russell claims he was in Santorum’s hotel room, bound, gagged and drugged.

After being exposed to various drugs and abuses throughout the night, atrocities Russell said he did not wish to talk about, he was able to untie a knot with his teeth and escape. When he hit the streets, it was late morning, and he claims he had no idea where he was: “The reason I’m pounding the sidewalk in the video,” Russell said, “is because I was thinking Santorum was underneath me.  I know it sounds weird, but I was drugged so badly that I thought I was still in his room.”

When asked as to why he was masturbating, something that luckily does not appear in the video, he said, “I thought Rick was making me do it. You know, for his own sick pleasure. You wouldn’t believe how much I suffered that night, and I was really, really out of it.”

The leaked image clearly shows that Russell was bound, but Santorum’s team claims the that blurred figure in the image is someone that “vaguely looks like [him].” Santorum’s team has also made several witnesses available who would vouch that he was nowhere near San Diego during the alleged kidnapping. As for the cellular phone? It is reported as missing, and Santorum’s team and the San Diego Police have refused to comment.

Russell became an invisible child for an evening, but did he turn to drugs because the world criticized his questionable charity organization? Or did Santorum live up to his name and reveal his true colours?This one's a real lemon

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6 Responses to Jason Russell Responds to Arrest

  1. bob says:

    that is harsh and that man shoud be aresded and i fell sorry for jason

  2. Marc says:

    this photo is pretty well photoshopped

  3. Seriously says:

    Seriously? Anyone with any graphical experience can tell that this picture is fake. it’s his head photoshopped onto somebody else with a face put onto the side of the photo.

  4. AlexanderTrout says:

    I had this photo analyzed by several multimedia specialists, and they said that it was the real deal… Just sayin’.

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